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The Salamanca Press 21 Jan 2022
Our customers include service providers, public safety organizations, government agencies and utility companies, which use our solutions to deliver 5G & 4G broadband wireless connectivity, mission-critical multimedia services, stabilized communications, and other applications at high reliability and speed.

Streaming vs cinemas: How Nollywood can thrive

Business Day Online 21 Jan 2022
There is, however, a bigger incentive pushing producers and investors in Nollywood toward streaming services – the promise of a global audience ... These limitations have played a role in the popularity of streaming services ... For example, in areas where 4G is scarce, users may not be able to enjoy the streaming services.

Govt equity in VodaIdea a poor solution

Financial Express 21 Jan 2022
The company is a significant competitor in India’s telecom market that has delivered almost nationwide access to affordable voice and data services ... For instance, BSNL and MTNL could start their much-delayed 4G services using Vodafone Idea’s infrastructure and the combined spectrum holdings.

Will planes fall out of the sky? 5 questions about 5G

Politico 20 Jan 2022
The fight involves new 5G services that AT&T and Verizon activated Wednesday, enabling Internet service up to 100 times faster than standard 4G ... The fight involves new 5G services that AT&T and Verizon activated Wednesday, enabling Internet service up to 100 times faster than standard 4G.

Telenor partners with Amazon to modernise systems, offer services

Metro USA 20 Jan 2022
OSLO (Reuters) – Norway’s Telenor said on Thursday it had partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to speed up the modernisation of its telecoms systems, boosting the use of cloud technology to offer 5G and low-latency data services to professional customers ... They also plan add-on services in the 4G area, Brekke said.

Jio sets the ball rolling on 6G, partners Finnish university for R&D

Business Line 20 Jan 2022
Even as telecom operators are thinking about upgrading from 4G to 5G services, Reliance Jio has partnered with the University of ...

Why airlines and telecoms are fighting over the 5G rollout

Engadget 20 Jan 2022
5G is shorthand for 5th generation, referring to the latest standard for cellular service. First deployed in 2019, 5G operates on the same basis as its 4G predecessor — accessing the internet and telephone network via radio waves beamed at local cell antennas — but does so at broadband speeds up to 10Gb/s.

Why the 5G rollout in the US is causing airline cancellations

Business Line 19 Jan 2022
Top US airlines on Sunday wrote to the Biden administration stating that 5G services deployment around airports should be banned because it may interfere with sensitive airplane instruments such as altimeters and significantly hamper low-visibility operations ... India had seen similar discussions when 3G and 4G services were rolled out.

Brunei Darussalam Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Markets, Statistics and Analyses Report 2021: Brunei Switches Off ...

Eagle-Tribune 19 Jan 2022
The spectrum will be reallocated to 3G and 4G use, with the potential for it also to be extended to 5G once the decision is made to enable those services ... Most of the rest of the country has been surviving well enough on 3G and 4G services provided by incumbent DSTCom and Progresif.

5G rollout has been a disaster in the U.S. Here’s why

Digital Trends 19 Jan 2022
Sprint originally used those 2.5 GHz frequencies for 4G/LTE service, but after the merger, the new T-Mobile began shutting down those older Sprint towers, clearing the way to reuse those frequencies for newer 5G deployments ... or a 5G offering that’s really no better than 4G/LTE.

After years of 5G hype and investment, Wednesday's network launch makes it real

CNBC 19 Jan 2022
The 5G networks turned on Wednesday use wavelengths called C-band to cover a large part of the country with wireless service that's faster than current 4G ... .

AT&T begins C-band 5G rollout today amid ongoing controversy

Digital Trends 19 Jan 2022
Currently, only a limited range of devices are compatible with the service, so you’ll need an iPhone 13, a Samsung Galaxy A13 5G or S21 series, or one of Google’s latest Pixel 6 phones in order to use higher speed 5G service ... I myself live in a rural area where consistent 4G service is still a scarce commodity.

49% of Growth to Originate from APAC for Live Streaming Market | Technavio

The Salamanca Press 19 Jan 2022
Our analysts have extensively outlined the information on the key market drivers and their impact on the live streaming market.Increase in penetration of 4G and 5G technologies.The increase in penetration of 4G and 5G technologies will encourage users to opt for online live-streaming services.

5G wireless rollout limited because of safety concerns at certain airports

WPTV 19 Jan 2022
— We've had 2G, 3G, 4G service, and now we have fifth-generation cellphone service with perks and benefits ... On Tuesday, AT&T and Verizon agreed to temporarily limit deployment of 5G C-band service around select airport runways ahead of its rollout Wednesday.